The Diesel Rubbing brand represents power and innovation on the market. Diesel Rubbing came into existence as a result of a vision to put better boats on the market than those that were available at the time. As a unique professional repair and maintenance centre for inflatable boats and RIBs, we come across lots of aspects that we think could be improved. We’ve noticed that when a new boat is purchased, the ‘newness’ is the first thing that catches the eye. All brands look fairly similar, only the price seems to vary. We want to deliver the best value for money on the basis of a solid and reliable background, where durability is the key issue, rather than the numbers.


We believe that a high-quality sporting dinghy doesn’t have to be expensive. Diesel Rubbing develops its boats using the best materials combined with a precise production process. Our boats are made from European materials. Thanks to our efficiency, we can develop and produce our products at a lower cost.